Nadaman Garden Restaurant (なだ万雅殿) – Sapporo Park Hotel

In early September 2017, I had a chance to have a very nice lunch at Nadaman Garden restaurant located in Sapporo Park Hotel. It was an extended family gathering occasion, and we decided to go to a nice Japanese restaurant that will give us a private room with plenty of time to catch up with … More Nadaman Garden Restaurant (なだ万雅殿) – Sapporo Park Hotel

Sapporo Beer Museum

While you are visiting Sapporo, I highly recommend to visit the Sapporo Beer Museum.  It’s not too far from Sapporo train station, and you can spend 1/2 day relaxing in a nice, open space which is an escape from the often crowded Japanese tourist area. I visited Sapporo Beer Museum with my relatives in early … More Sapporo Beer Museum

Hakodate Morning Market – Uniquely Hakodate

This is “Uniquely Hakodate” series #2.  Another “Uniquely Hakodate” blog is found here. Hakodate morning fish market is a fun and lively place to visit during your stay in Hakodate. The market itself is much smaller than Tsukiji market in Tokyo, but I personally prefer the market in Hakodate for sure. It’s easier to navigate … More Hakodate Morning Market – Uniquely Hakodate

Lucky Pierrot Restaurants – Uniquely Hakodate

There is a chain of fast food hamburger restaurants called “Lucky Pierrot” in my home town, Hakodate, Hokkaido. Although I have seen the store fronts in different parts of Hakodate,  I haven’t thought of eating hamburgers when I visited Japan in the past. I’m not a big fan of clowns (pierrots in French), and eating … More Lucky Pierrot Restaurants – Uniquely Hakodate