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Thanks for visiting my blog.  I am “Yoshida-san”.  Yoshida-san is translated as Mrs. Yoshida or Miss Yoshida (or Mr. Yoshida for a man). I was born in Hokkaido, (北海道 ) Japan in 1960s. I grew up there until I was 18, and then went to college at International Christian University (国際基督教大学 ) in Mitaka (western suburb of Tokyo) where I received a wonderful education including English as a second language and my first window into the broader world beyond the island of Japan.

I was a software engineer (computer programmer) by trade for over 30 years before retiring from the corporate world in 2014.

In early 1980s, I immigrated to United States and married my husband whom I refer to as “Mr. Yoshida-san” in my blog. He is from Vietnam but ethnically Chinese and thus has his own unique way of looking at things and people in Japan. We have 2 wonderful adult children; a daughter who is a dentist in Seattle, and a son who is a software engineer in Denver.  We spent most of our family years in Colorado, and recently moved to Las Vegas when both of us ended up retiring from our jobs.

I speak, read and write both English and Japanese fluently.  I spent many years of my life both in Japan and the U.S. I consider both of them to be my home countries.  In other words, I am an insider in Japan and an insider in America. That gives me interesting perspectives on all things Japanese because I have an insider’s view and and outsider’s view all at the same time.

I hope you enjoy my blog.  Please leave comments if you have questions or if you want to discuss the topics further, send me the contact information from the Contact page.


Yoshida-san (吉田さん)