How To Impress People With These Basic Japanese Phrases

A great article about basic Japanese phrases and custom in Japan. The phrases have pronunciation help for English speakers, which is great!

Japan Oblong

The Japanese are incredibly kind and hospitable people who will always try to communicate with foreigners in English if possible – or impossible, depending on their level of English. But don’t be fooled by their cool exterior: on the inside they are completely stressed out about speaking English and if you pay close attention you will see beads – or sometimes streams – of sweat forming on their foreheads. See, most Japanese people think their English conversation abilities are below par even if they will be able to communicate with it.

Japan, TeezeremoniePhoto Source

Seeing as Japanese people in general try so hard to communicate in English it is astounding how surprised and grateful they are when foreigners speak any amount of Japanese. My Japanese abilities are nothing to rave about, but here are a few useful phrases that can create an illusion that you actually know some Japanese – trust me…

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3 thoughts on “How To Impress People With These Basic Japanese Phrases

  1. To be honest basic phrases we are ok with but it seems to be harder to be conversational. You mentioned tutoring conversational Japanese. Is it structured like the JLPT?


  2. No, nothing formal like JLPT. I started tutoring a young lady who dreams to visit Japan, and is an avid fan of Japanese Anime. I’m trying to teach her basic phrases like the ones in this article, and to have her Japanese comprehension to be at better level. She has heard a lot of Japanese phrases in Anime over time, and she is now getting to know what those phrases mean. So, it’s totally customized.

    Learning conversational Japanese is a hard topic. I would like to write an article about that in the future after I do lots of research.


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